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After a long search during the last 3 days i found a free-to-redistribute tool that can easily manage security policies. It's called "Grant". The creator's (Andreas Hansson) site and bussiness no longer exist, but i found a copy at wayback machine, including the file to download: ...


This can be accomplished via the command line (and therefore an easy process launch from code) using NTRights, which is part of the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools bundle. ntrights.exe is invoked with -u followed by the group or user name and +r or -r to add or remove (respectively) the following privilege. Therefore, ntrights -u Users +r ...


This is not possible as the time format setting is applied to every clock. However, you can easily use a third-party tool to display as many clocks in different settings as you like. One such application is Rainmeter.

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