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Looks like there was no easy way. In Windows 10 preview they force automatic updates on you, and since build 10049 there's no way to restore the "old" Windows Update applet in Control Panel. But I managed to do with with a set of PowerShell tools called Windows Update PowerShell Module. After you install the PowerShell tools, list all the available updates ...


You've probably accidentally disabled the Touchpad. Re-enable it by holding Fn and pressing the function key with the touchpad symbol. Eg:


Instead of going all the way to Device Manager there is a way around for this. If you do not have a touch-pad icon showing in your taskbar, first enable it. Go to Control Panel -> Mouse -> Device Settings tab. There select either "Static tray icon in taskbar" or "Animated tray icon in taskbar" and apply the change. Once you have enabled it now when you ...


User smc in the comments above suggested kiilling the SynTPEnh.exe [Synaptec pointing driver] to fix the mouse issues. While this works, it also breaks all TouchPad and UltraNav features. I searched my drive for another copy and it turns out there was a version from 2010 on there. Launched that and I got my scrolling back even with a vertical monitor! If ...

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