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Approach 1: BIOS The touchpad can often be disabled in BIOS. On my Dell Latitude E6430s, the option is POST Behavior, Mouse/Touchpad. There is even an option to disable the touchpad only if an external mouse is attached. Approach 2: Device Manager Open Control Panel, System, Device Manager. Navigate to the mouse, right click on it and click Disable. ...


(Win)+X opens the "Windows Mobility Center".  On my Dell Inspiron (running Windows 7), it looks like this: I disabled my touchpad there, and it has stayed disabled through many reboots.


You don't really have to disable the entire touch pad, you just have to turn off the tap to select feature. Go to Control Panel>Mouse and select the touch pad tab. Find the tap-to-select tab, uncheck the enable box, and click OK. Then, just touching the pad will have no effect, but it will still respond to a moving finger. And the change is permanent.

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