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In case anyone else has similar symptoms, it turns out it was a GPU issue. Computer is working fine with a new graphics card (GTX 970).


The Verdict The card won't work alongside my primary one. Okay sure just because it's old right? No. The last driver that supports the GeForce FX 5200 is, in fact, WDDM 1.0-compatible. This is why people report to have working Aero, but only when the drivers are installed. As an aside, the 5200 was one of the first to support DirectX 9, at least at a ...


Short answer: Steam overlay is at fault. I turned it off and now 3DMark works and Borderlands: TPS has stopped crashing. Long answer: I learned about AppCrashView from this answer. Running it revealed Steam2.dll was at fault for several of the Borderlands crashes. Previously, Raptr's overlay had caused problems so I'd turned it off. So I tried turning ...

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