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TrueCrypt automatically dismounts its volumes when Windows is shutting down. (i.e. the user is "logged off" and there is a setting for auto-dismount when this happens.) If you hibernate your PC and want the volume to dismount you can also set this in the options. Edit: Please note that when mounting a volume via a script you need to make sure ...


The installer is a bit dim, it thinks 10.10 is less than 10.4 Try this workaround… Open the .dmg You’ll find the .mpkg. Right-click and “Show Package Contents” Open Contents Dir Open Packages Dir Install each of the 4 packages in this order: OSXFUSECore.pkg OSXFUSEMacFUSE.pkg MacFUSE.pkg TrueCrypt.pkg


Truecrypt cannot suddenly delete the file. It could of been accidentally deleted or it has been corrupted. A disk scan for bad sectors/ data corruption will determine if the problem was of such nature. Another option would be for windows to delete it at a junk cleanup, if it was named similar to temporary files (name.bak, name.old, name.tmp).

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