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There is a tool that you can use called aomei partition assistant You can use this to view the partitions on the USB flash drive and you can also delete them. Give it a go and let me know how it works.


DISKPART list disk view USB disk number and type number in select disk select disk 1 all partition delete in disk 1: clean


Decrypting the drive may not remove the TC bootloader. When you boot the system and get to the password prompt, if you hit escape, it should try to boot windows. Does that work? If so, you can just remove the TC bootloader with the software after you fix the bluescreen issue.


The easiest way to to encrypt an entire partition with TrueCrypt without burning a cd is to install a virtual drive like Magic Disc (FREE). When the file is saved on your local computer simply mount the image as a cd and that will allow TrueCrypt to continue with actually burning a physical CD. Notes: This was tested successfully on Truecrypt 7.1a "Beware ...


I looked for a way to do this myself in the last few weeks, but came up with absolutely none useable solution. The only way to do this is to encrypt Windows with Bitlocker, but since Bitlocker only allows a pure numerical password, which is limited to 20 characters, I didn't use this (by the way, thanks MS). They seem to think a TPM is all the security you ...


It happened to once. I've managed to recover the HD completely using Acronis Disk Director utility that I found on HBCD 10.6). It's also possible using TestDisk, but I haven't tried it.

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