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In regards to your desired software solution, you could use LVM and LUKS to partition and encrypt the drive in a multitude of ways. I run Tails and Kali from a single SanDisk Extreme 3.0 (50Mb/s) is performance enough for me. I have three Logical Volumes (LV's) Tails, Kali, and shared. Single LUKS password encryption for the stick as a whole. The shared ...


If you want it to be pure Windows, I suggest using BitLocker. It is a builtin Windows functionnality, so you don't need anything else. You just need Windows 7/8 Enterprise or Ultimate, or Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise. Just right-click your USB key, and click Activate BitLocker. If you don't have Win10 Pro, you can write a Batch script that starts TC with ...


You can try using the built-in bitlocker encryption tool on windows 10. It's very easy to setup and you should find plenty of tutorials online.

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