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I had the same problem with an RCA android tablet on this model. This worked for me. Go to menu/setup/hdmi control. Change CEC function to off. Change power off link to "NO". Then plug your device in ... go to input on remote ... choose your appropriate hdmi channel.


This is not possible because windows intentionally locks the UI not a monitor. Doing otherwise would be a serious security weakness. The normal approach to this would be to configure the PC as a KIOSK. In that mode, only the browser would be allowed to run, everything else would be blocked out.


I know that product recommendations are off-topic here but you can use a media player such as Kodi, formerly known as XBMC. It has the exact features which you describe, and so many more. Documented more in this thread: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=138205


This question is kind of a general question. Usually you need to know the file type of your TV shows, a.k.a the format. If your Windows doesn't recognize these files you can see a short-term attached to the file name, separated from the name with a dot. That is the extension of the files. Go search for the extension on Google you will know what kind of file ...


I've been using AudioSwitcher [freeware/donationware] for a long time to do this. It isn't automatic, but can be triggered by hotkey or from a taskbar popup to swap audio outputs on the fly - no relaunch required. I've never tested it on HDMI but it works perfectly well when I forget to switch outputs from iTunes - RCA stereo; to VLC - analog 5.1 before ...


Your first image is CMYK which is OK from a jpeg specification standpoint, but often not supported. Try adding -colorspace RGB other options manual


First, get a TV Tuner card that support DVB-T2 (e.g. hauppauge WinTV-HVR-5525) and plug into your desktop machine Supports: Freesat: High Definition digital satellite DVB-S2. Freeview HD: digital terrestrial DVB-T2. Freeview: digital terrestrial DVB-T. Digital cable TV: DVB-C. Analogue PAL/SECAM TV. Next, connect a Antenna to the TV Tuner card and ...

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