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$ strings /etc/localtime | tail -n 1 MST7MDT,M3.2.0,M11.1.0 So I'm on Mountain Time. Although advices above on using environment variable or just date command output sometimes work better, depending how you want to use that.


The problem was most likely packaging and/or dependencies issue. I reached to this finding after few years of experimenting remixes on newer releases. In fact, the ubiquity commands on the old release (10.04 remix) actually worked properly after many attempts of rebuilding with trials and errors. In other case, the installer in newer release (12.04 remix) ...


sudo -s runs the shell specified in your $SHELL environment variable as the superuser/root. You can specify another user using -u. The $SHELL environment variable contains the path to the user's default login shell. The actual setting for the default shell program is usually in etc/passwd. Depending on what you've done in your current session, the $SHELL ...

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