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Ah, INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE seems to be a windows 10 favourite... The first possible solution is outlined below, with an extra twist in case you need it. It seems to work for most people, but as your circumstances are slightly different we will have to see: At the blue screen where the error appears, click Advanced Options Click Troubleshoot Look for an ...


Are you sure you have setup the Bios to operate as UEFI only ? (Without legacy/CSM support.) I've seen a couple of Bios variants that wouldn't accept GPT disks for UEFI boot if the legacy support was also on. The logic seems to be based on the incorrect assumption that if you have legacy enabled your OS isn't UEFI capable and therefore also is MBR boot ...


Windows does not support boot from a USB disk. Instead of booting directly from the external disk, you could use VirtualBox to build a virtual machine that boots from the external USB disk. Here is one reference among the many that can be found : Using a Physical Hard Drive with a VirtualBox VM.

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