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You don't need to do it in the first place, actually. Set up the latest( not provided by your distro) versions of development toolchain, and only then start to compile! It will save you alot of time and many errors and warnings just won't appear at all. Use Git sources from kernel.org - and go ahead!


The motherboard is clearly functional since it starts with the old memory stick. That means the new memory is either unsupported or defective. My guess would be that the motherboard does not support ECC ram, but it could also be the memory size or speed.


Normally, you can user RAM of a higher speed, i.e. 1600 MHz vs 1333 MHz in your case. For reference: 1600 (800 MHz) DDR3 is usually referred to as PC3-12800 1333 (667 MHz) DDR3 is usually referred to as PC3-10600 there are also low voltage versions (names PC3L-xxxxx) available, which runs at 1.35V instead of the normal 1.5V, so make sure you get ...


The keyboard & mouse lights are a good sign that the motherboard's doing something. Have another monitor &/or video card to try? Or onboard video? I'd try that, could be incompatible or failed hardware. Could try unplugging everything you can, one at a time & see if it starts working.


According to your CPU specifications, as it is also on intel's website (and as you mentioned), your laptop' CPU can support DDR3-800/1066. In this case I would recommend two memory modules, since it supports dual channel memory. And for a better performance, I would also recommend two modules with the same memory and clock speed. In this case it would be ...

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