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Short answer is: yes, you can use RAM from two different vendors in your system. You have to make sure they have similar parameters before you buy, though. Fortunately for you they have. It's still not a guarantee they will work, but two mainstream manufacturers should not give grief to one another.


Good thing about computer mother board is you cant possibly go wrong. If your ram fits in the slot you are good to.


The DDR2 RAM can be run at lower frequency without any issue. The motherboard will run the RAM at 667MHz instead of 800MHz and everything will be fine. The disadvantage is that you lose a bit of performance from the lower frequency.


I have done this once, on Debian; my experience ought to apply to Ubuntu too. Unlike you, I had a planned upgrade, so always had the option to go back to the old hardware if necessary. Short answer: yes, you'll be able to boot, assuming that you have something like a stock kernel on the disk, and sufficient drivers built-in (or in an initrd) to be able to ...


I have just updated by probook 4530s i5 from 8 gb RAM to 16gb RAM. It is working fine. It has improved boot time. The system is much cooler and quit. My bios version is F60

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