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To prevent you from duplicating the hard drive and installing Windows on other computers without buying a new license. Linux doesn't need to be reinstalled when you change motherboard or CPU.


Yes, you can upgrade that computer to 16 GB RAM. HP - Compaq HP 14-r024tx compatible upgrades Your HP - Compaq HP 14-r024tx memory Maximum memory: 16384MB Slots:2 (2 banks of 1) *Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory.


Well there are some cases you can Crossfire two different AMD graphic cards but they require the same GPU. In your case you are not able to Crossfire those two graphics cards. There is also a table where you can look up to see which cards are compatible with each other. Source


No, I don't think you can mix GPUs if they are not in the same series. But maybe some can as they essentially have the same GPU. See more here.

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