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I Have tested with CrystalDiskMark and 128GB JetFlash USB3 Transcend JetFlash®810 In my Thinkpad E530c the right side single yellow port is USB2 but with one of 3 left side blue USB ports the below result returned showing the blue ones are USB3 in this Thinkpad Edge


Besides the thunderbolt connection, you can also use the Type-B port to connect the monitor to the pc: (from the user's manual)


Since Windows 8, Microsoft includes a generic USB 3.0 driver, so there is no need to install 3rd party drivers (only if the generic driver doesn't support the chip like old Fresco Logic 1000 chips). So go to device manager and uninstall the ASmedia devices and install the default Windows drivers (shows up as (Microsoft) at the end)


If speed is not an issue a simple solution is to use a connection that limits the USB device to USB2 (or lower), e.g., a hub or a cable that does not support USB3 yet.


Turn off Spotlight for your external drivers in System Preferences -> Spotlight -> Privacy, and they will not be ejected when the computer is sleeping. I found this solution here.


There's Transfer Express from ASUS, but it is not on the market, and probably never will be. And it works only if both your boards are ASUS. Also it's over 3.0, which is already outdated since the intro of 3.1, which the link is testing using 2 SSDs in RAID 0 to get higher than 500 MB/s. There are videos on YouTube for the Transfer Express device. Just get ...


You can buy a PCI-E USB 3.0 controller with additional header like this one: You'll have two extra USB 3.0 ports on the back and you'll be able to connect front ports to the controller. No unnecessarily occupied ports, at least four extra USB 3.0 ports.


You have 3 options. The only way to get an internal connection that uses USB3.0 would be to buy a USB3.0 pci card that has a header slot on it. If you want the cables to remain inside, (but use USB2.0), you will need this adapter. USB3 Header to USB2 If you want to use the back of your current mobo and make the front ports "extensions" you will need ...


I'm sorry to hear about your performance issues with the WD My Passport drive, @sreeKang. I'd advise you to try using a different USB 3.0 cable and see if that will actually improve the connectivity & transfer rate. If it doesn't help, make sure you check the warranty for the WD external. If it's still covered, I'd suggest you contact our Customer ...


No the options would not work and I doubt that there is any solution except a PCI(-E) card. Those front panel thing (what you called internal hub) does not connect the FireWire port to a USB header, but a FireWire header, which would only exists if the board has a FireWire controller built in (and if that's the case, you'll likely have at least one FireWire ...


Try opening the "USB 3.0 Host Controller Utility" and unchecking the "safe energy" box. If you do not have the actual utility, it can be downloaded here. Choose the Windows 7 option in the dropdown to get the utility to show. Source

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