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Your motherboard does not have any EHCI (USB 2.0) controllers. Intel decided to give those up with the 100-series chipsets. So you have only XHCI (USB 3.0) which Windows 7 knows nothing about. The only reason why you are able to boot to Windows 7 Installation on USB Key is because your PC's BIOS is emulating a hard-drive/CD-ROM from it! Neat trick, but it ...


You are sheer out of luck. The USB ports on this NUC are strictly USB3 only. There is no way you can run a USB2 device from these ports. It is a hardware issue. Software/drivers can't fix this. (The utility you mention does something else: It modifies a Windows 7 installation image to include the USB3 drivers that are normally not present in Windows 7. ...


It's NTFS so OSX by default can't write to the device - even to erase it. You'll need to format it into another file system (e.g., FAT32, exFAT, OSX Journaled, or find a beta of Mac's new APFS file system). You can also try to install an NTFS tool for OSX like NTFS For Mac.


Try DS4Windows. It contains the drivers you'll need and give you a lot of other options.

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