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The problem was introduced back in Windows 2000 when fading menu items were added. Originally, the feature was added in kernel-mode code and was tightly integrated into portions of the UI. Since it worked so well, it ended up staying there. The problem has appeared from time to time, but no one has had a reliable way to reproduce it in the kernel debugger to ...


Last time I saw this was in Windows 2000 where it happened to me occasionally. I suppose, a workaround would be to disable menu items fading out after clicking in the Performance options:


Web server doesn't send "entire website", but documents that browsers request. For example when you access the browser queries server for the document The server processess the request and sends back some HTML code. Then the browser checks what the server has sent. In this case it's HTML webpage, so it ...


Go to Tools->Options->Environment->Fonts and Colors In "Show Settings for" chose "Environment Font" In "Font" replace Automatic to for example, Arial and change size. Change the font size of that setting, all Font size in the Explorers (Solution Explorer, Server Explorer and Toolbox) and menus will change.


You're thinking of radio buttons: …and any interface that leaves you wanting to uncheck a group of radio buttons is Doing it Wrong™. Radio buttons should (best) start out with a default option checked, not accept input if the user doesn't make a choice, or (worst) provide a button to uncheck everything. If bitching to the software/website designer isn't ...


In Windows 7 (and probably Vista), using the task manager to kill "dwm.exe" (it restarts automatically) seems a pretty painless way to get rid of the artifact.


I recall reading, years (decades?) ago, that the amber on black color scheme of some old monochrome monitors was easier on the eyes than the green or white on black. The RGB values are 185, 128, 0. Some say black on white is really the easiest on the eyes (it certainly works here), but it just doesn't seem to work in a command window.


I would suspect that they do. I don't believe that text-based browsers will (by default) even download resources such as images or external entities, such as fonts (if needed), scripts, etc. I did some basic testing with tcpdump trying to get this IANA page ( with both lynx and then wget, and here were my results (HTTP ...


You can't as of current versions, maybe in later version but not currently. Microsoft has indeed brought back the Start button, but contrary to what people expected, an option to disable it and stick to the standard Windows 8 desktop UI is missing from the operating system.


Right click Computer, Properties, Advanced System Settings, Advanced Tab, Performance-Settings, Uncheck both: Fade or Slide menus into view and Fade out Menu Items after clicking Fixed.


Yes, of course it is possible, and now it's not restricted to some editions but available for everyone ;). As you state in Windows 7 they appeared as optional updates in Windows Update but only for Ultimate and Enterprise editions if I'm not mistaken. Now they can be installed from the control panel, it's in the "Clock, Language and Region" section. These ...


There are at least 2 options out there which will help you hide "Start". One is StartIsGone, which allows you to remove the Start Button in Windows 8.1 and get the extra space on the taskbar. Features: It is a freeware, portable application which does not require .NET Framework or installation. It is just icon in your tray with few options in the ...


Its the drop location marker when drag/dropping tabs, and it's been left behind due to a repainting bug in google chrome, as outlined here: Changing theme should fix it.


GitLab not only provides a GitHub-like basic frontend, but also issue trackers and merge requests.


just use this autohotkey script: ;-Caption LWIN & LButton:: WinSet, Style, -0xC00000, A return ; ;+Caption LWIN & RButton:: WinSet, Style, +0xC00000, A return ; you could download autohotkey from here Save the file with a extension .ahk and run it like any application. Usage: to remove the title bar ...


Shutdown GoogleDrive Go to Start and start typing system environment and then click on Edit the system environment variables Click on Environment Variables Click the bottom New button For Variable name enter LANG and for Variable value enter en_US. Confirm everything with OK. Start GoogleDrive.


Nirsoft makes a program SysExporter that can extract the contents of most windows, in the windows systems. "SysExporter" I like to call it a Window snagger, it can grab text of just about anything. titles, status, text boxes, context menus even html off a web browser. Because it is getting the contents from the ...


Mac OS X applications that are created using Xcode had their GUI commonly designed using Interface Builder (now integrated in Xcode 4). The GUI definitions are stored in files with the extension .nib and in the Contentes/Resources directory of the finished application bundle. These files can be edited using Interface Builder as they're not compiled in the ...


Just something small that I made for my purposes after reading voodoomsr's comment. Makes it to go left up corner and resizes to my full resolution. Restores as it was before. Can't be used with multiple apps same time. Thanks voodoomsr ;-Caption LWIN & LButton:: SetTitleMatchMode, 2 WinGetPos, X, Y, Width, Height, A WinSet, Style, -0xC00000, A ...


When you load a webpage in a tab, a slow-spinning gray circle on the tab lets you know that Google Chrome is connecting to the website. The circle turns blue and spins faster once loading is in progress. Once the webpage is completely loaded, the icon changes to the website's graphic. ...


This problem started in Windows 2000 when fading menus were added. I believe they implemented this in kernel code, so it's integrated deeply into the OS. Nobody seems to have found a solution to the stuck fading menu item bug, but you can turn off fading menu items. Simply uncheck Fade out menu items after clicking in performance options:


From Gloson Blog: When the site is being resolved, Chrome will display this gray line, revolving slowly, counter-clockwise. When the site is found and is being loaded, Chrome will show this blue line, revolving quickly, clockwise. From another blog: The unique feature that I love in Chrome is that it spins both ways – anti-clockwise means data ...


workrave is an RSI (repetative strain injury) app that interrupts you periodically to rest your eyes, hands, and stretch. The timers are configurable for your needs, and it supports networking (in the event that you use multiple computers). I Highly recommend it. Workrave is free. EDIT: Available for Windows/Linux


I'm going to answer my own question, partially because I'm an idiot. There's an Undock button in the very bottom-left corner of the Inspector window; I couldn't see this... because I have a small cut-out picture of a kitty cat wedged into the bottom-left corner of my laptop monitor. I deserve no points for this. ;-)


Found! Go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced system settings -> Performance then uncheck Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing.


Select View -> Web layout, as now you are probably using View -> Print layout


It's not a bug, it's a feature. No, seriously. Sometimes I'm somewhere in the middle of a long document and I want to briefly look at something far away without losing my place. I grab the scrollbar with the mouse, move to the part I want to look at, then move the mouse to the side before letting go of the button. This gets me back to where I was originally ...


Ultimate Windows Tweaker isn't bad:


Some text editors, web browsers and other applications select a whole paragraph of text when you do a triple-click on it.


Enough tskill dwm commands seems to stop dwm re-starting, so you may need to restart the Desktop Window Manager Session Manager in Services:

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