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Easiest and most compatiable way I have found is with Gparted (can find the mac dmg on either sourceforge OR http://gparted.org) and manually selecting that partition /drive and editing the uuid that way BUT with disk util (this works on both linux & Mac: 1) insert drive 2) select the gear and turn off auto mount 3) in the newly editable ...


Most Macs like Linux/BSD do have native support for lsblk or inxi: Try running lsblk: lsblk -f NAME FSTYPE LABEL UUID MOUNTPOINT sda2 LVM2_mem ***AiQ5DT-7xKH-JcMo-xTLa-Tnro-97Tw-X7F6RU*** server.boot-boot xfs **e835e0e0-7861-435e-af82-61dbb84f1abd** /boot Or try ...

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