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I am going to go out on a limb here and say that if you have the wherewithal to repair a computer you have the presence of mind to disconnect the keyboard and mouse before turning the computer on one time to see if that makes any difference. Assuming it doesn't, from my experience, that looks like a video card problem. I would suggest you run the aptly ...


Are you sure your gpu supports more than 2 displays at a time?? The support for more than 2 gpu at a time was added recently. Like for Nvidia cards, it was added for Kepler and above. You may need to check that for your amd card. Also, if you are trying to apply though catalyst center,it could be a bug. Try setting from mscpl (screen resolution pane) ...


You should almost certainly get this replaced. Consider weather it's under warranty or not, but the cost & risk is probably outweighed the time and effort of self repair.

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