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Your start screen appears to be enlarged. If you move your cursor to the right hand border of the open start screen, you will see a left/right arrow. Drag the start screen to the left until it returns to the normal windows 7-ish style. I myself had this problem and this fixed it. If that was not your problem then you should have stated he exact problem more ...


Conversion between VGA and S-Video is not instantaneaous like HDMI <-> DVI. You need a special converter device. The most popular one is called KanaaN. Search "S-Video to VGA" on Amazon or E-Bay. Costs something between 10 and 20 USD.


You're going to need a new cable, you won't be able to modify the ones you have in order to make that work. You need either a male vga to male vga, or an adapter that goes from male vga to female dvi and then use your male dvi to male dvi cable. By the way, a plain male to male vga cable or the adapter will cost you under $5.


According to the VGA pinout pin 9 sends +5V from the computer to the monitor. If you connect two computers together, they'll be sending +5V at each other. While this might not be enough to immediately damage the hardware, it's not something I would do long term. You can get a VGA dummy plug for under $20, it's not worth risking your hardware when an ...


The cables you're looking at are active adapter cables. They contain circuitry that requires an external power source to operate. The USB connector provides that power (and nothing more than that).

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