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Use Windows Compatibility settings (or use /force) will not work: installer will run, but with no real effects. Install VirtualBox 4.3.18 or newer. It has improved compatibility with Windows 10. Download of New Versions Windows Host: download here. Ubuntu Host: run the following commands to register the virtualbox.org repository with the package manager ...


Define a virtual HDD. Windows can't install if there's nothing to install to.


We believe that you like to know whether you will loss the windows license if either reinstalling Virtual box or windows server. You can try two options before doing this: You can de-activate server license of the virtual machine windows server 2008 before uninstalling Oracle virtual box. So that the server 2008 becomes a trail license and the de-activated ...


Found the answer accidentally by myself. The problem is with the resolution of the AndroVM. By default the resolution was set to 1024x650. In this resolution we can't customize the WhatsApp settings or view recently opened apps. Go to Apps and select androvmConfiguration, then change the resolution to 1366x768. This will enable you to both customize the ...


The issue is XP uses an earlier SMB protocol. Yosemite shares ARE seen on Win 7. There is talk but I cannot find how to force Yosemite to use the earlier protocol.


You can do this through setting up ethernet bridge. You are effectively setting up a virtual switch/router, and add as many taps/ports as you desire. I have had the following script setup for running a number of VM in a isolated network. Hope it can be useful to you: USER=username NUMBER_OF_VM=4 BR_NAME=vbr IP_RANGE= IP_ROUTE= # ...


Have a look in the below link: Vbox Also you can follow the quick steps: Windows is pretty easy to clone to virtual machine with Microsoft tool called Disk2vhd. You can do it on a running Windows system as I did with my Windows 2008 server. download Disk2vhd and extract it to some folder. Start the software and choose which partition you want to clone. ...

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