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I'm no expert, but for me, Cloud is a buzzword. Most companies just use the word "cloud" for any Internet services, even though they don't have any cloud infrastructure, or they have it, but it's actually another service over the basic service you're paying for. A VM is a VM. The advantage of having a VM in the Cloud is that you can have "clones" all over ...


I think a good staring point will be to take a look at the COSMOS : Cosmos is an operating system "construction kit", built from the ground up around the IL2CPU compiler in C# ... There is an example : Develop Your Own Operating System in C# or VB.NET This is your operating system running in VMWare Player! Cosmos can of course also be booted in ...


You can easily clone your VM, then use the cloned disk as a template for several VM's. In this situation each VM would be a snapshot made on the fresh clone you created. Full how to


It is indeed possible in VirtualBox. Check out Section 9.9.1 from the VirtualBox manual, "Using a raw host hard disk from a guest." You'll want to look at the subsection, "Access to individual physical hard disk partitions."


Generation 2 virtual machines don't support booting from physical DVDs. Either use a Generation 1 VM, or use a virtual DVD (an ISO). The same question and answer is over at Server Fault. (Not sure if this qualifies as a duplicate when on different sites).


I managed to get it working. It's not 100% as clean as I want it to be, but at least it's functional. My solution basically consists of starting up the bridge with a /24 netmask and without an IP address. When the bridge is up, I manually add a route for the /29 IP block I got assigned to my server. In the domUs, I start the interface with the correct IP ...


In fact, this depends on which Hyper-V server you wan to manage from your Windows 8.1 client. This post indicate it's totally possible to manage a Hyper-V server on Windows Server 2012/R2 from the Windows 8.1 Hyper-V Manager. Now, to manage Hyper-V Server 2012R2 (standalone), it's a bit different. This post explains how to remotely manage such an ...

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