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Is there an effective method that is OS independent to prevent a USB from being written to? Not really unless you are using a device that explicitly uses a forensic write blocker/controller or something similar that blocks data writes on a controller level. Read and write permissions/restrictions on the vast majority of devices out there are ...


Is there an effective method—that is OS independent—to prevent a USB flash drive from being written to ? Yes, there are a few. You can use a forensic USB write blocker such as this one: From the product description: The compact USB WriteBlocker connects to USB storage devices and protects their contents during an investigation. To use, simply ...


AdwCleaner may help you from this mess please download it and scan your pc from here: https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/1-adwcleaner/


Activeris Antimalware is in itself a malware program. It has some redeeming features in that it can actually remove things - its competitors. However it is a 'potentially unwanted' program and is considered malware as it is a web browser extension that induces ads and pop-ups. It is less difficult to remove than some of the others.


There are way too many possible causes for this. For instance, it could be your system's Proxy settings, though if you're using Microsoft Windows then this would also likely affect MS IE. It may be good to see if Mozilla Firefox experiences the same issue, since Firefox has its own separate proxy settings. An add-on could cause this. Resetting customized ...


Reading up on the details of CTB-Locker, it seems like the main way the CTB-Locker affects a system is via per-file encryption. I assume then that if the main system is cleaned or even reformatted, then formatting the SD card should be a safe bet. But on the off-chance this malware operates on some deeper file system level—one where the malware might sit ...

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