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Found the answer in Pro NuGet Book. Specifically it says: "NuGet checks the list of defined package sources, in order of appearance. This means a package source higher up the list of package sources will be consulted prior to a repository lower on that list."


If you have NVidia Geforce Experience installed, a recent update is breaking the use of the ctrl+tab key. I had the same issue and fixed it by reinstalling Geforce Experience. Here's a thread on NVidia's forums with others reporting the same issue: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/776837/?comment=4316352


The technique is known as font substitution. A web browser for example will try to find a font with the matching character - I think Firefox has a list of fonts to try first based on the language, and then presumably does some other magic if it doesn't find it. It appears that GDI can use a few different forms of font substitution, though it's hard to ...


This feature is not on Visual Studio, the fonts containing unicode characters have to be installed on your system. You can show this characters in notepad as well, that is the question of format: Displaying Unicode in Notepad Different software programs encode characters in different ways. Notepad can manage text encoded in several formats such as ...

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