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To run vlc as another user, use: #!/bin/sh su user -c 'vlc -vvv bigbuck.mp4 --sout "#rtp{dst=,port=8090,sdp=rtsp://}" & If you don't need the graphic interface, you might consider using cvlc in place of vlc: #!/bin/sh su user -c 'cvlc -vvv bigbuck.mp4 --sout ...


You're asking ffmpeg to encode the files into mp4 instead joining them into a single stream. You need to concatenate into temp.ts and then convert that into .mp4 with -codec copy. Also, I believe you need to convert adts to aac in the second step -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc.


RTSP itself does not stream media, it is just a control channel used by clients to tell media server where and when to send media. You will probably need to open additional ports in order to get the video stream.

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