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I ran into similar issues, in Windows Task Manager it shows 100% CPU usage and high memory usage in Windows 7 SP1 virtual image using vmware vSphere 5.1.0 . Even after adding more memory and CPU it would utilize whatever the system has. After removing all Windows update on windows 7 image and manually installing them back by the type I was able to ...


I have same problem, but these solutions was not fixed my issues. However I have found a blog post from artykul8, what fixed fixed all of my issues! http://artykul8.com/2012/06/vmware-performance-enhancing/ Tweak: Disable memory swap files .vmem files mainMem.useNamedFile = "FALSE" Unfortunately this parameter does not work for VMware Player, as it ...


I've had similar problems with my setup running OS X 10.10.2 and before I upgraded OS X to. What I found was that when I changed display settings in OS X to use the "Default for display" Resolution. I then unticked in VMware the "Automatically adjust user interface size in Windows" and ticked "Use full resolution for Retina display" this does how ever give ...


try to delete much space on the disk where the virtual machine is located, I had the same problem after I moved some big iso files to that disk where the VM was located, then I realized then when i deleted those iso's everything worked fine. I even tested that. I believe that problems are being see if your virtual machine is not preallocated and space left ...


Go to View=>Autoresize=>Center guest Now you will see the guest in a small window. now inside the guest OS go to resolution and set it to what your monitor is about. Then apply that and yeah! it is fixed!


I haven't found a way to do this in VMWare as of Feb 2015, but it's easy to do with Virtualbox, if that becomes a primary requirement for you.

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