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Regarding architecture, considering the options in each of the two dimensions separately: Secured tunnel vs secure connection: In a VoIP scenario, usually there are many connections involved. VoIP clients register with a VoIP server, but for the actual call, the clients directly connect. Establishing a secured connection involves a huge overhead as ...


Set up your home connection as a VPN then you will always be on your isp when you connect to the VPN.


Any host address in a subnet can be used as the gateway address as long as you assign it to the router. The router is really just another host on the network.


Which one is more secure and efficient for VoIP: PPTP, L2TP, or TLS... Here is some general information related to the question... VoIP can use dynamic compression codes and codecs, so they can be insecure regardless of the underlying encryption technology. See, for example, Spot me if you can: Uncovering spoken phrases in encrypted VoIP conversations. ...

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