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You have to connect the SIP:Wise to a VoIP/SIP Telecom provider, who will be your link to the PSTN (Landlines) world. Check with the main service providers in your country if they provide the service. However, there are international providers that give very good long distance rates. I use, but there are a lot of providers. Check this to ...


Since there was no other answer, let's say that the most easy solution is to simply avoid using the Fritzbox as a VoIP gateway because the result will depend on the modem/router used. If you have to connect your landline phone via VoIP, use a Cisco SPA112, it's more reliable. By the way, I have now returned my D7800 and am using the Zyxel 870HN as a ...


When you phone the machine does it ring for few seconds then squeal down the line to you? If it doesn't then the fax is at fault. If it does then its conecting to the line ok. Having problems installing these now and again. Sometimes takes alot of restarting the machine to get it to work

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