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I have an answer, but it depends on how the Siemens box works. A quick Google search implied that it might be a digital device, which means that this suggested solution would NOT work. I did set up something similar to this for a client in the states, whose door intercom system was basically set up to make an analog phone in their apartment (that was ...


Usually SIP providers allows you to forward only to extension/username on the same domain. So probably you can't forward to other domains. (You can't set a full SIP URI as the forward destination, only the username part)


If the capture have not started before the VoIP session then wireshark will not detect it. Workaround: select the "Try to decode RTP outside of conversations" (from Preferences -> Protocols -> RTP)


VPN is not the best solution for VoIP, because: requires third party VPN client or VPN client settings by the end-user DPI firewalls can easily block it (for example by just checking for the VoIP nature of the streams. e.g. same continuous upload and download) A general VPN is not VoIP aware (jitter, packet loss and delays are not considered) Subpar ...

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