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Your computer's noise reduction feature (assuming it has one) may be incorrectly telling Skype to cut out your outgoind sound. I am on a Mac, and have what seems to be the same problem, so here is what I am trying: I did the "Echo" test to hear a recording of a call, and I could hear my voice cutting out. I went in to System Preferences -> Sound -> Input ...


If you want to hook it up to your phone line and run it locally you would need something to act as a PABX - In addition to the phones you will need a box which has an FXO port (to connect to the phone line), and PABX functionality - probably something running Asterisk PBX. (You could have the FXO port separate or built into the device). That said, that ...


I am using SIP softphone using VoIP software. You can not use this not only in window phones but also for android, iphone and blackberry also. I will personally recommend you this VoIP Software and i am sure it will help you to implement a VoIP Auto (speech) Dialler.

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