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You can use freely any Private Network Address. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Private_network RANGE -- -- -- Refer to RFC 1918 for background Keep in mind the Network address and Broadcast Network: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Host_address ...


The IP address used by many home routers is an IANA-reserved private network address or subnet. What's a subnet? An entire range of IP addresses that you can split up into a smaller ranger (the act of splitting it up is called subnetting) if you want. So the above range is Keeping it simple without getting too much into the ...


Thanks to Robinson Zhang who addressed this issue back in 2008. His solution was to specify UseRasCredentials=0 in the VPN connection's PBK file.


Use rdp certificate authentication. @Scott Chamberlain described this http://superuser.com/a/750943/440206: Yes but you will need to install and configure your Remote Desktop Session host to use a Remote Desktop Gateway to do it. Once you are using a Remote Desktop Gateway you can set up Remote Desktop Connection Authorization Policies (RD ...


Yes, you would be OK using .2.x, and that would not cause any problems, however make sure your netmask is set to and not because it would try to mix your .2.x with your vpn .1.x as if it was the same network.

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