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Yes, you can mix 2003, 2008 and 2012 domain controllers in a single domain. Ensure your AD forest and domain functional levels are set to at least 2003 before attempting to add a 2012 server to an EXISTING domain (Server 2012 can't deal with a Server 2000 level AD). When creating a new forest and domain, ensure the functional level is set to match to ...


This thread comes up on a lot of Google searches for Mac OS X compatibility with SonicWall VPNs, so even though the thread is old, I just wanted to post that YES, Mac OS X's native VPN client works fine with SonicWall's L2TP VPN. Third-party VPN clients are nice and full-featured, but certainly not required. Proper configuration is necessary on the UTM-side, ...


I just checked with my support department at PureVPN and they told me that Android OS has a limitation that it cannot make a VPN hotspot. Sorry :(


Per browser window proxy It is unlikely that there is a solution for this on a per tab basis. However, you could use the profile feature (or incognito) to allow multiple instances of the browser. Each browser window then can manage its own extensions, thus, can manage its own proxy settings. Here is how I did it in Chrome. In the upper right corner of the ...


There is no absolutely sure way, to find out. Because there might be some software installed on your system, that always tracks your actions. But you can find out, if your Traffic runs through the VPN. Just visit whatsmyip.org with and without VPN, and compare. If it's the same IP, it looks like your traffic is not affected by the vpn. If it's different, ...


I think in your case OpenVPN should be fine.

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