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There are a few possibilities - unfortunately, the number of hops is irrelevant. The first is compression - if the data you were downloading is uncompressed, and your VPN offers compression then this could explain it - however most files transferred are likely to be compressed, so this is not as likely as it would seem at first blush. The second and third ...


The Public IP will change as it is Dynamic, However the Internal IP will remain same after restarting. You can create Point to site VPN and use Internal IP to Communicate to server All the best Let me know if this work :)


This is kind of confusing to me but I assume you are trying to go out to the internet from your home. I would plug in a system directly to the modem (the modem should offer some sort of DHCP service). And try to ping (google DNS). If that fails or times out then it's either your modem or the line from you to your ISP. I would do this from a Linux ...

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