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Acer usually disables this option on ther mid-tier laptops. First of all try a BIOS update, later versions may have it enabled. If you want it enabled even if the manufacturer doesn't want you to, you can probably flash a modified BIOS, but this is VERY RISKY BUSINESS. You will probably void your warranty, may end up with broken notebook, get yourself a ...


Enter the BIOS settings menu, and go to the Advanced tab. Make sure you have an option titled Intel Virtualization Technology and make sure it's enabled. If it's not enabled, select it by using up (↑) and down (↓) arrow keys, and press the plus (+) or minus (-) key to change the value to Enabled. Also, if you have an option titled VT-d, be sure to enable ...


Maybe your processor supports but its seems as far i can see your bios dont, look for the model of your motherboard of your manufacter webpage and download the latest bios update.


Download the official Microsoft virtualisation checker tool. This will confirm whether VT-x is enabled. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=592


I just had the same problem with Hyper-V being able to host 64bit systems, while on the same machine VirtualBox wasn't. The issue is that the Hyper-V service occupies VT-X right after startup, hence no other service (like VirtualBox) can claim it. The only way I found to resolve the issue was by completely removing the entire Hyper-V feature through the ...


VMWare, for example, was around before hardware virtualization was common on desktop computers. So was QEmu as another example. What happens here is that VMWare/QEmu would emulate the virtual CPU and hardware, instead of virtualizing it. This is much slower. Neither VMware nor QEmu currently support running on a system without hardware virtualization (I ...


I have the same morherboard and core i5 4400 proc and I had the same issue. I solved it by disabling Hyper-V. Its not possible to run Hyper-V alongside Virtualbox.

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