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There are two version of CPUID which I found only just now so depends on your system select or download the zip file x86 x64 and then install which one is compatible with your system


I think you copied the two commands from a blog that automatically turned a "-" character (U+002D HYPHEN-MINUS) into a "–" character (U+2013 EN DASH). You must use "-" rather than "–". Here are the corrected commands: VBoxManage modifyvm <VM_NAME> --hwvirtex off VBoxManage modifyvm <VM_NAME> --vtxvpid off


I've been dealing with this issue for a few hours, trying to solve it with probably all the answers I could find on the Internet. What have worked for me was removing Hyper-V role from my Windows... MJ


Hope my answer helps someone who ends up on this page for the question I had just updated my BIOS and found that emulator on Android Studio was not starting mentioning "VT-x not enabled". When I checked task manager it showed Virtualization is Disabled On entering BIOS found that Virtualization showed enabled. I exited and googled up in vain. How I got ...

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