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There isn't one answer fits all... this really comes down to your individual experience and the program involved. Typically, a program will have this when it fails to respond to typical Windows GUI commands/events such as maximize/move e.t.c. Typical reasons for this is that the program is single threaded and is currently busy processing a command (for ...


Create the three batch files below. Main.bat launches 1.bat and 2.bat 1.bat and 2.bat write out temporary files for which main.bat checks. While 1.bat and 2.bat are working, main.bat reports back that processing is still occurring. When you hit enter on either 1.bat or 2.bat's open window, the temporary file is deleted, and the program exits. This simulates ...


Actually, I don't think you'll be able to have the alias help you once you are connected. You can do some more at the command line when you log in, check the ftp man page, but I think you can specify your username with the -u option (ie. ftp -u my_username). Once ftp starts prompting you for info (like your password) you are on your own. A ...


The only way to do this is to start separate batch files (see start /?) that run the individual task and write a text file upon completion. Then, you periodically check whether the text files have been made.


Delete the pending.xml located here C:\Windows\winsxs\pending.xml .

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