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The "Wake on Magic Packet" option may turn the computer on (if someone/something is pinging the computer). Go through Device Manager to resolve this and not the Network and Sharing Center (see EXPLANATION below). STEPS: Open the "Device Manager" Open the "Network adapters" tree Select your adapter (you may have two if you have both wireless and Ethernet ...


Every "big" Windows 10 updates Windows reinstalling all device drivers, they are copied from previous install, installed but with their settings reset to defaults. It's by design and probably done to decrease number of problems after upgrade. Just set it up again after every "big" update.


To prevent your mouse from waking up, do this: Go to Device Manager Find your mouse and go to its properties. Go to the Power Management tab and disable check box, "Allow this device to wake the computer". Repeat this process for any device you wish.


Try this: powercfg -lastwake | findstr /I /C:"Type:" if %errorlevel% == 0 ( echo woken up by something ) else ( echo woken up unexpectedly ) In short, it just looks for Type: in the output of powercfg -lastwake and if it doesn't exist then assumes that the machine woke up unexpectedly. If you want to actually make the machine go back to sleep ...

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