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Its not Ubuntu, but if you have an old box around running Windows you can use http://dashboardrotator.com/ We use this at our office to cycle through a few dozen dashboard pages, works great.


I had the exactly same issue. The first time I rolled back to IE9 and it messed up the system. So I reinstalled the computer with IE9. This worked for a while until MS automatically installed IE10 during windows update. The first couple of days it seemed not too bad, but it became worse and worse. And the problem seems not limiting to IE. The chrome and ...


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in Microsoft word there is a option to embed only the fonts in your document. left click on your html file click "open with…", Microsoft word, (if you dont see it clik the down arrow, then Microsoft word,) office, options, save, embed only fonts in document (not exact wording), apply/okay,then save.

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