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Your system is probably using NFS. The NFS client implementation creates these directories when a file is removed, but still in use by an application. From A. Unix applications often open a scratch file and then unlink it. They do this so that the file is not visible in the file system name space to any other ...


The most relevant norm is the RU (rack units). This is respected by all server PSUs. An 2U PSU will never fit physically in the position of a 1U PSU. Weight is not relevant. X x Y are usually 225-230 x 100 while Z is the size RU-related.


If you want to set up a transparent proxy, you need a proxy server software that supports it. That’s because a “captured” connection is different from how the browser would normally talk to a (regular) proxy. First, you install your proxy, Squid in this case, and verify it works as a regular proxy. Then, you set it to accept captured connections: ...

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