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Possibly it's malicious links in adverts, this would explain the intermittent nature as the advert isn't always called. Google's spider may have picked up on these and be flagging them. Try a plugin like no-script, Adblock plus (or one of its relatives) and see if the issue still occurs. If this fixes it you may want to contact the owner to let them know.


Initial tests shows everything is valid, up until the web-server itself. (DNS resolves, server responds to HTTP requests, etc...) the web-server probably doesn't have the proper virtualhost configuration, or has some error running some scripts of some sort. Check the config and logs.


It depends. What's the use for the "small site"? If it's going to be used by other people, I would highly recommend using standard ports. As mentioned in most of the answers, using a nonstandard port requires that the port is specified by the user (e.g. for port 81 -> yoursite.com:81). If you use a standard port, the browser infers the port from the ...

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