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You cannot. The RS812 does not support storage capacity over 16 TB without an expansion enclosure. The following from the Synology RS812 datasheet.


Most likely the issue is due to external HDD powering down when unused for a while. This is a known issue. The drive goes to sleep by design to save power, and possibly extend the life of the drive, but it takes a few seconds to come up to speed after idling. If the PC requests data, and the driver has a short time-out, then an error occurs. Depending on ...


Hmm. You know... that does sound like a serious issue, honestly. I say this in spite of you saying: checkdsk doesn't find errors, and it shows as "Healthy" in disk management. I know this might be inconvenient, but over the course of the next two weeks, make it a point to use that external-drive on another computer as much as possible. The reason ...

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