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Have you checked your driver situation? MSI provides drivers here MSI Drivers. Your USB driver should be at this link from the manufacturer.


For the WD My Passport Ultra model there is a separate utility for setting the password on the HDD. This is why you only have the software settings tab in WD Smartware. You can download WD Security for Windows here: http://products.wdc.com/support/kb.ashx?id=LDL8dT


Most of the external USB Western digitals are encrypted by chip on the PCB board inside of enclosure and connect them VIA SATA is useless. If your enclosure is broken, you have to use PCB board from any WD enclosures with identical encryption chip, but in case, if your SATA drive doesn’t have any problems. It is just for 3.5" HDDs. For USB WD 2.5” is ...


Enable SSH access using the web panel Log in using SSH (The user/pass combination for me was root/welc0me) Go to the directory (I would guess you can find it in /shares/TheShareYouStoreYouriPhotosOn) Delete the files using rm -rf iPhoto (this irrecoverably deletes your data, so double-check you are in the right directory).

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