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UPDATE: It seems the core issue with images not loading stemmed from the way the EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere plugin/extension handled some Tumblr URLs. The developer’s were notified and a fix appears to be in place. This answer basically breaks down the detective work done to uncover the issue as outlined by the initial question and could prove useful for further ...


I am currently having this very problem. This is a safe for work—well it’s a silly comic— example of an affected blog. If found however that the problem happened only in Chrome for me. After a while, I realized that the cause of the issue was the extension “HTTPS Everywhere.” When I installed it in Firefox, I had the same problem there too. And actually, if ...


I would chain the wget commands this way: wget http://example.com foo.txt || wget http://example.com/foo.txt.bz2 && bzip -d foo.txt.bz2 The bzip -d command will decompress the archive but only if the wget is successful.


I’ve noticed this behavior more while on my mobile carrier, T-Mobile. I'm thinking this is some sort of traffic shaping based off of image size or some carrier built “difficulty metric” in retreaving said item. In previous testing—over a year ago—I’ve then shared the broken post to a friend who has Verizon, and the image loads fine. While I can’t test this ...

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