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You could always use Virtual Desktop Windows Key + Ctrl + D This will allow you to open virtual desktop, that way you are not so cluttered. This will also leave the application that you have opened or minimized,while you have the other desktop with the tasks a hand that will no longer bother you. To quickly change between them you can use. To go to the ...


It seems like I found something promising here: I was at least able to open several windows containing iframes: The link to download the code seems dead, but I have contacted the developer to see if I can still get the code. Hope he responds... In the meantime I attempted to use the ...


Had the same issue on the same configuration, resolved by following steps: install xorg: $ sudo pacman -S xorg-server xorg-xinit xorg-utils xorg-server-utils mesa install bumblebee, and agree to delete proprietary nvidia drivers: $ pacman -S bumblebee

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