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For Windows 10 in order to use the old move the window with the cursor keys trick you need to have the Shift key pressed when you open the context menu from the Task bar. Info from How To Geek


Well, this is sort of a non-answer answer. I spent about an hour looking around the registry and the %appdata%\roaming\vlc folder in windows, and wherever this setting is, it is very nicely hidden. You'd expect to find it in the vlcrc or vlc-qt-interface file, but I sure don't see it.


Run this command sudo systemctl set-default graphical.target for a graphical environment because you have used sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target before.


Dexpot does that, it enables a "Clever use of title bars": The title bar as well as the minimize, maximize and close buttons can be assigned with further functions (Role up, Minimize to system tray, etc.). Always on top is one of the functions. You could, for example, make a right click on the maximize button activate the always on top.

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