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In Ubuntu 14.04 LST it is possible to accomplish this task in additional way. Ctrl+Alt+Num(keypad) As a result it will place the window at: 1 -up left 2 -up center 3 -up right, 4 -middle left etc. 0 -minimize


You could try WMC, aka "Warcraft III Mouse Capture": WMC is an extended version of Warcraft III Mouse Capture. It allows you to lock the mouse within a specified window (not just limited to Warcraft III). The primary use of this program is to have a game (in window mode) on one monitor and applications such as IM and internet browser on ...


You can only specify where to put tray. You have no power which icon goes where (or blacklist an icon like in unity). You could specify on which monitor (or even bar) the tray have to be (as I understand correctly only on one bar the tray can show icons). There is possible race condition so I suggest to specify on which bar You want and/or don't want a ...

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