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Reason 1 Because Microsoft made a toaster driver sample. In the sample there is the line <DeviceIconFile>Toaster.ico</DeviceIconFile> and there is a chance that your keyboard manufacturer took that sample. Reason 2 Look at the back of the keyboard for some place to insert a slice of bread…


CertUtil is a pre-installed Windows utility, that can be used to generate hash checksums: certUtil -hashfile pathToFileToCheck [HashAlgorithm] HashAlgorithm choices: MD2 MD4 MD5 SHA1 SHA256 SHA384 SHA512 So for example, the following generates an MD5 checksum for the file C:\TEMP\MyDataFile.img: CertUtil -hashfile C:\TEMP\MyDataFile.img MD5 Original ...


Be very careful. If you have a symbolic link that is a directory (made with mklink /d) then using del will delete all of the files in the target directory (the directory that the link points to), rather than just the link. SOLUTION: rmdir on the other hand will only delete the directory link, not what the link points to.


You should use only shortcuts for that configuration (mouse movements alone seems not supported for that special side that crosses over to the other monitor) NOTE: On multiple monitors, continually pressing a keyboard shortcut combination below will cause the window to snap to the side and scroll in that direction through the multiple monitor screens. ...


There is a registry setting named FlipFlopWheel that does this! HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\HID\VID_???\VID_???\Device Parameters. There might be multiple mouse entries. The default value for FlipFlopWheel should already be 0. Change it to 1 to invert scrolling. Reboot or replug mouse for changes to take effect. To get the VID_??? ...


Create a shortcut to your batch file. Get into shortcut property and change target to something like: cmd.exe /C "path-to-your-batch". Simply drag your new shortcut to the taskbar. It should now be pinnable.


The problem was introduced back in Windows 2000 when fading menu items were added. Originally, the feature was added in kernel-mode code and was tightly integrated into portions of the UI. Since it worked so well, it ended up staying there. The problem has appeared from time to time, but no one has had a reliable way to reproduce it in the kernel debugger to ...


In Windows Command-Prompt the syntax is echo %PATH% To get a list of all environment variables enter the command set To send those variables to a text file enter the command set > filename.txt


A few major problems for you, In bios disable the processors L2 cache - Machine crawls Windows+break-->advanced system settings --> hardware tab --> Device Manager, right click disable mouse (make sure you can get here with just your keyboard so you can undo this!) ctrl+alt + Arrow key - on some graphics cards this rotates the screen. (usually with no ...


I recommend reinstalling Windows If you try to salvage the existing install you'll end up spending hours or, likely, days working on it and have nothing to show for your efforts. And even if you were able to successfully run all malware removal tools I wouldn't trust that all malware actually had been removed because, by definition, the malware authors are ...


Daveb was moving in the right direction. You need to type to the command line: wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer,version,serialnumber will get you the maker of the motherboard, model number and serial.


Somehow, your langs.xml has errors in it. Perhaps while exploring various Notepad++ options you accidentally made unintended changes to it. That's what happened to me. Go to the installation folder for Notepad++ and rename langs.xml to langs.xml.bad. Then, in that same folder, find langs.model.xml, make a copy of it, and rename the copy to langs.xml. DO NOT ...


Enter cmd in explorer's address bar & press enter


You are seeking technical solutions to a social problem and you're trying to address the symptoms instead of the underlying cause. This runs the risk of failure if he finds some other way of shutting down your machine. Talk to your friend and remind him that you're not pals messing about at university, any more: you're professionals being paid to do a job. ...


Short answer: the license Excluding hardware from the equation, it is mostly an artificial software restriction: [The] limit is retrieved from the registry by calling a function named ZwQueryLicenseValue, which is itself called from an internal procedure which Microsoft's published symbol files name as MxMemoryLicense. Source: Licensed Memory in 32-...


Create a mouse cursor theme where the arrow tip is NOT at mouse position. This should be puzzling enough.


The worst that can happen is limited only by your attacker's imagination. If you're going to be paranoid, physically connecting pretty much any device to your system means it can be compromised. Doubly so if that device looks like a simple USB stick. What if it's this? Pictured above is the infamous USB rubber ducky, a little device that looks like a ...


Fix Microsoft released a new Windows Update Client Update to fix the slow Update searching/installation problem: Installing and searching for updates is slow and high CPU usage occurs in Windows 7 Download: 32Bit:


Findstr sounds like what you want. I use it all the time as an approximate grep-equivalent on the Windows platform. Another example with pipes: C:\> dir /B | findstr /R /C:"[mp]"


Last time I saw this was in Windows 2000 where it happened to me occasionally. I suppose, a workaround would be to disable menu items fading out after clicking in the Performance options:


Run gpedit.msc and try disabling the option as shown below. Restart your PC to see if it works: Click to enlarge


This is caused when you set Notepad++ to run as administrator on Windows 7. Go into your registry as an administrator and search for notepad++.exe. Find the key under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT that has an entry with the Edit with Notepad++ (or maybe Edit with &Notepad++) and delete the entire key. Right click and you should see that you no longer have that ...


As for "why specifically a toaster", "Toaster" is an old catch-all name for "any arbitrary device." For example, you can find "SCSI toaster" alongside "SCSI disk", "SCSI tape", and even "SCSI scanner" (yes, scanners used to be on SCSI) in some very old Microsoft slides depicting the storage stack.


The answers so far are good, but I thought there must be an open source tool that does this. It turns out there is: Dual Monitor Tools This is a set of Free (open source) utilities. It can configure wallpaper for a dual-screen setup. It can mix both landscape and portrait-mode monitors. It also has several other tools, including a screenshot utility.


Take the CMOS battery out for a few seconds. That's the little watch-type battery on the motherboard. (While the machine is unplugged) And / or use the CMOS jumper on the motherboard, and drain the CMOS that way. Your manual will tell you how. Normally you move the jumper, turn on for a few seconds, and then move the jumper back. That will reset the time ...


I can run one desktop background image spanned across both screens out of the box, with no extra software installed. The trick is to find an image that matches the resolution of both screens together. In my case, with 17" monitors both at 1280x1024, I need an image that is 2560x1024. Now go to Control Panel>Apperance and Personalization>Personalization>...


Yes. You can just run the following command to clear the icon cache: ie4uinit.exe -ClearIconCache For Windows 10, use: ie4uinit.exe -show Check this video for a demo. [tip credit]


From the Vim Wiki. In Vim, your home directory is specified with $HOME. On Unix systems, this is your ~ directory. On Windows systems, the best way to find the value of $HOME is from within Vim, as follows. These commands are useful to see what directories your Vim is using: :version :echo expand('~') :echo $HOME :echo $VIM :echo $VIMRUNTIME Once you ...


I've spent a lot of time trying to get my Windows 8 PC to boot again after cloning to a new SSD and try to summarise how I finally got it all working - Firstly, boot from a UEFI Windows 8 recovery disk (CD/DVD/USB) - I found that the automated recovery process didn't find the correct Windows partition, nor when I managed to add it to BCD settings would it ...


It sounds like you have a USB/eSATA combo port AKA eSATAp. Which enables you to use either the USB or the eSATA on that particular port. Picture taken from: techarena's forum. eSATAp is also known as Power over eSATA or eSATA/USB Combo. eSATAp port combines the strength of both eSATA (high speed) and USB (compatibility) into a single port. eSATAp ...

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