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I encountered the same issue. In DiskMgmt GUI no drive letter was assigned to the hidden system partition but in Windows Explorer it had drive letter H: I solved it as following: In a command prompt I started DiskPart.exe, then ran: list disk select Disk 0 list partition select partition 1 (the one corresponding with the hidden system drive) remove Now ...


Srttrail.exe double boot failure followed by automatic repairs. I did a restore if you can get that far. Then do a custom install instead of express. Turn off updates on install. Allow the computer to boot and create a restore point. Then try updates. This worked for me and i tried everything else I could think of.


I found another trick for those using "tablet mode" without access to the keyboard: Touch a free space on the desktop and drag quickly past the end of the screen where your taskbar is located (hidden) then quickly drag back to the desktop and the taskbar will appear.


Checking the specs of the computer (Intel core 2 duo) you can certainly install a 64bit operating system. But that doesn't necessarily mean that a 64bit OS is going to run smooth. For it to run smooth you will have to add atleast 2GB more ram ie, total 4GB. Also not more than 4GB as I don't think your PC can support more than 4GB. TO SUM IT UP : You will ...

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