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FYI, I had tried the pin 19 trick but it presented more issues because the computer's video card can't detect the connected monitor if this pin was blocked. It must be due to the on-board video card that I use. After some research, I bit the bullet and bought an adapter called "Monitor Detect Killer device". No more issues when shutting off the monitors ...


This fixed it for me. Newest version of Catalyst Control Center as of today. 6-24-2014 Preferences - Advanced View Left side column - Open My VGA Displays - Click on properties (VGA Display) Uncheck EDID Set display size and frequency. I recommend 60 hz unless you know for sure it can handle other frequencies as this is default for any monitor.


Open up the hotkey window in VLC by Tools -> Preferences -> Hotkeys Double click on the desired action to change If you can set the media button to your desired hotkey. If you cannot, unsetting the hotkey could help. You can do this by clicking Unset. This worked I also had problems with Windows Mouse & Keyboard Center. Uninstalling it ...

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