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Go to options and go to the performance tab. There go to the bottom where it says "DVD and Video playback". Un-check "Display full screen controls".


In the event someone has a similar issue ... As it turns out the problem was related to digital certificates on the server(s). On the production box, the certificate name matches the DNS name. On the test boxes, it did not. (The test servers each host a number of test web sites.) So you'd get a certificate ("name mismatch") warning. BUT after ...


After trying to get to a particular point in a large file, I got close by clicking on the slider then I use AutoHotKey to get closer to where I want. Then use the following hotkeys: #IfWinActive, Windows Media Player ^left:: ;;slow down WMP Send, {Ctrl Down}{shift Down}s{shift Up}{Ctrl Up} return ^right:: ...


The ID3v2.x specification allows an .mp3 file to contain numerous embedded images (Front cover, Back Cover, Band, Band Live, Band Logo, Leaflet Page, etc). Windows Media Player has a bug and does not correctly display the correct Front Cover image. Instead, I suspect it is simply retrieving the first embedded image it finds and displaying it, regardless of ...


iTunes usually gets the album info from the tags embedded in the audio files themselves (also called metadata), but this doesn't apply to the WAV format, where iTunes doesn't support tags. As suggested here, you can try using Max to convert the WAV files to a different format for which iTunes does read the tags.


I discovered that Win8.1 was launching the 32bit version of wmplayer.exe from the C:\program files(x86) folder. After running the 64bit version of wmplayer.exe from the c:\program files folder I was able to access my home media just fine.


Yes, Winamp does support global media hotkeys automatically, as long as another program does not usurp those hotkeys. This can happen if you open another program that hooks to those hotkeys after Winamp is opened. This is supported by a plugin that should be enabled by default, the Nullsoft Global Hotkeys plugin. Additional hotkeys can be enabled. ...

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