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In a batch script, you can use %~dp0 to represent the directory that contains the running batch script. So if you had files at the following locations: C:\scripts\script.bat C:\scripts\relative_path\registry_settings.reg you could write this in script.bat: regedit.exe /s "%~dp0relative_path\registry_settings.reg" and get all the benefits of relative ...


The problem was caused by disabling the service Application Experience. After enabling it again, everything works as it should. :) Thank you very much for helping troubleshooting this one. The use of "Handle" was very helpful, cause it helped me to narrow down the exact moments where the files were being locked. This is where I find the clue to solve this ...


Check out RegSnap It will take a snapshot before and after a change and show you all the settings that are different. This can also include file changes. Handy tool.


I realize this is an old question, but I just faced a similar problem. On Windows 7 Pro, you can prevent the credentials from being saved by setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet \Control\Lsa\disabledomaincreds to 1. Maybe using the setting in ControlSet001 was your issue. However, this won't "disable" the check-box, it will just make it ...

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