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Take a look at lnk-parser LNK Parser allows you to view the content of Windows shortcut (.LNK) files. Command-line Usage You can run the program from a command-line and supply a shortcut file or a directory. If a directory is supplied, the directory and any sub-directories will be scanned for shortcut files. Example 1: ...


If you move the mouse to the bottom left and click, or press the win key, you get the start menu. From there you can just start typing and the search bar automatically shows up. If you really want to have it more like windows 7, you'll need a program such as Classic Start Menu which is part of the Classic Shell programs. This will give you a start menu ...


The Short Way: Open the Run dialog (Win-R) and type "recoverydrive" (elevation required). You can also access the recovery drive creator through the GUI: Open the Control Panel by going to the Desktop, opening the Charms bar, selecting Settings, and clicking Control Panel. In the "View by" dropdown (upper-right corner of the window, below the search bar), ...


I use Lookeen myself. It is an Outlook tool but can be used as a Windows Search solution as well. Unfortunately it is a bit expensive. But there I found a test demo. You should try it.

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