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Windows does not keep detailed logs about what applications were run and by whom. You can set up auditing on filesystem objects, and the security log does track logon events and privilege use. But the security log doesn't contain the info you're looking for and auditing would have had to have been set up beforehand. Even if you had auditing set up, ...


It might depend on the software that was used to create it. If it was, in fact, Microsoft Backup that was used, then you should be able to recover with Windows 8 (assuming you have tape drive drivers for Windows 8). Through Windows 8, the Backup utility has changed, but it is backward compatible. Good luck.


Vt-x/virtualisation must be enabled in the BIOS. I got the same symptom on a machine with a motherboard that does not support vt-x.


wmic: Name and account for all services: wmic service get name,startname started services only: wmic service where started=true get name, startname services with specific pattern in name: wmic service where 'name like "%sql%"' get name, startname nicely formatted as html table (and then opened in your browser): (wmic service where 'name like "%sql%"' ...

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