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While the answers are (probably, I didn't check) correct, the sane way to modify file associations is with the GUI Microsoft designed for it. (That is, if you are a user and not a setup developer.) Here is one tutorial with nice pictures, I found it with google: http://www.7tutorials.com/how-associate-file-type-or-protocol-program But you can just open ...


Open Chrome and press ALT + Space + C


@cptloop Default Audio Changer was pretty good, but annoyingly would not set a device as the default communications device after it had been set as the default device. That lead me to find Audio Switcher, which has several added features: Support for switching recording devices Support for multiple hotkeys Dual switch (swap the default and communications ...


If both of the hosts are on the same network, I would suggest using the project at http://synergy-project.org/. This program should keep the mouse and keyboard connected via software signal.


If the BIOS and the USB ways do not work, you might be able to extract the HD (using a screwdriver), then connect it via an adapter to another pc, and do the install from that PC. When that is finished, just reinstall the hd.


Yes. If you have administrative rights to the computer, you can access other user's files. Windows does not encrypt user data by default. All you need to do is at the lock screen, hit Switch User and then log in with an account that has administrative privileges. Or if the computer is a member of a domain, you can access them over the network by going to ...


If it was me, and I had to either sort through the many and varied issues of fooling a virtual SQL server image which is running on and virtual networking via virtualbox into thinking that its own host laptop was the recipient of outside connectivity rather than the supplier while also running a tunneling virtualLAN connection between the Host and the VM ...

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