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Such issues are caused by the new Windows 8 shutdown mode called HybridBoot which is a log off and hibernation. In Hibernation, Windows doesn't really write all data back to the disk and this can cause chkdsk to detect file system issues. Turn the feature off, to prevent the issue.


Perhaps a search would have served you better than a question here. c:\windows\System32\drivers


.mrimg files are Macrium images. Those you can restore with the Macrium WinPE CD. If you do not have one, you can download the WinPE .iso from my OneDrive. Burn this to CD and boot your PC with this CD. Here is an article that explains how to restore a Macrium image: http://kb.macrium.com/knowledgebasearticle50079.aspx And here is a video that my friend ...

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