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Yes, your assumptions are correct. XP will only be able to access half the memory, but the mainboard won't care about this limitation (assuming it supports up to 8GB or more). Just keep in mind that XP's support period is over, do consider upgrading, which should be a bigger concern than some "wasted" memory.


First of all do a backup of your image disk: it's always wise and safe. Then you can use VBoxManage modifyhd with this syntax VBoxManage modifyhd <absolute path to file> --resize <size in MB> In your case I think the commandline should be VBoxManage modifyhd <absolute path with the name and extension> --resize 10240 Reference : The ...


Copernic Desktop Search free version is a good software for indexing your e-mail and attachments. Although it can be a resource hog, it does work. To find PDF, the document has to be OCRed and requires a text layer. Assuming your PDF has text layer, Copernic Desktop Search will find it. Alternatively, Google Drive will automatically OCR the first ten pages ...


What you see: That is not an XP balloon tooltip, this is: See the difference? That thing in your screenshot is a custom tooltip created by your company's software, and no doubt the developers didn't bother to heed the global registry setting you set because they rolled their own solution instead of using the proper APIs. Since it's your own company's ...

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