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Can I get three cheap Windows XP copies and just upgrade them for free? As already noted elsewhere: no. Windows XP doesn't qualify for the upgrade. Or is the upgrade restricted for copies that are sold before a special date? This isn't true at all. The famous free upgrade is restricted for copies of the Windows 10 upgrade that are INSTALLED before ...


Okay, so I had to do some digging but the answer may be to simply change the applicable registry keys in Windows with the appropriate values to disable this functionality. You'll unfortunately have to do some reading and testing to confirm what values, etc. apply in your case for what you need to disable this functionality on but this should work. I tried ...


Disable Autoplay on Windows XP Home Edition Here's a method that should work just fine with Windows XP Home Edition. I replaced the invalid download URL with the FileHippo valid download URL for TweakUI in the quoted text below so while that article gives the incorrect URL, this one has the latest version available for download. Windows XP Home Edition ...


Try a version built without Cygwin from the download page. I was having the same problem and with version 2.0.8 (12 jan 2015 Windows 32 bits) worked

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