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In some ways, this is the same as asking "how does the internet work through air" when referring to wifi. The OSI model of networking describes each layer of a network, and one of the crucial elements of this is that each layer should operate independently of the layer above it or below it. Sometimes this gets a little muddied, and layers overlap a bit, ...


This is neither trivial or easy. You can use a multi-WAN capable router, but unless your provider natively supports PPP multilink you will also need a server at the other end with sufficient bandwidth to terminate the connection. Otherwise you can only use simple load balancing between the connections which gives you, in simple terms, the ability to download ...


Most 5GHz routers can broadcast on both the 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequencies simultaneously. Check your wireless router manual. This is often called “Simultaneous Dual Band”, or “Dual Band Concurrent”.


Can I make my older devices see the 5GHz band? No. Because your older devices are using hardware that only can connect to 2.4GHz 802.11 networks. You also cannot purchase USB 802.11 devices for phones and smart TVs. Maybe by buying a 5 GHz wireless USB adapter for the TV and the Android box? If you willing to buy hardware. The simplest solution ...

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