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Currently, it seems that there is no support for this in Xcode or the iOS Simulator. There are a few workarounds listed here. StackOverflow how to run tests without launching iOS Simulator Personally, the easiest thing for me has been to use a secondary monitor, but if that is not an option, some of the other suggested workarounds are: "Command + U, ...


Command Line tools (gcc goodies) do not come installed with Mavericks (insert bad word here). You need to download the latest and great xcode, go into the xcode prefs and install the command line tools (I believe it's under General). You should be right as rain. Or! I noticed this trick: Installing Command Line Tools


You can install the latest version with homebrew. Simply run brew tap homebrew/dupes, followed by brew install nano.


The beta builds are independent of each other. You can have them installed concurrently or not. Just drag and drop the beta you no longer want to the trash, then mount the latest version and copy it to your applications folder (or wherever you install your applications if different). Make sure to update your commandline tools from the dev portal when ...


I have found a workaround using named tabs. First, make sure the tab bar is visible. If not, use View > Show Tab Bar. Next, rename one of the tabs by double-clicking its title. Enter the name Code Editor. Next, add a new tab using File > New > Tab; name this one Debugger. Now the behaviors come into play. In the preferences, tab Behaviors, section Running ...

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