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Lately, I've been experiencing video loading behavior issues again, even after applying what I suggested in my original answer. Dash playback From what I understand, the underlying issue is YouTube's implementation of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP. From what I can tell, there are both server-side and client-side implementations at work here. The ...


There is a very popular open source command-line downloader called youtube-dl, which does exactly that. It grabs the actual video and audio file links from a given YouTube link – or any other popular web video site like Vimeo, Yahoo! Video, uStream, etc. To see how that's done, look into the YouTube extractor. That's just too much to show here. Other ...


Ok, a friend was also experiencing the same issue and this apparently helped: Go to Ensure MSE i.e. Media Source Extensions (required for MPEG-DASH i.e. adaptive streaming) and H.264/WebM are supported by your browser († see below for more). Also if you right click any video and select Stats for nerds you can see whether DASH ...


Make sure the video you're trying to download has actual subtitles uploaded from the owner. You can then use, for example: youtube-dl --write-srt --sub-lang en '' There is also an option to download the automatically generated subtitle files, using --write-auto-sub. See the youtube-dl documentation.


YouTube Bookmarklet This is how I did it with JavaScript Start with ytplayer.config.args object. This contains all URLs for the video. It is broken up into url_encoded_fmt_stream_map // traditional: contains video and audio stream adaptive_fmts // DASH: contains video or audio stream Each of these is a comma separated array of what I would ...


Try youtube-dl. It's a CLI python script so it shall work on any platform that has python installed.


Try this Open Source software Open your .gif as a video file... then save as .avi


YouTube expects your video to be H.264-encoded. If you use libx264, stick to YouTube's encoding suggestions: ffmpeg -framerate 10 -i image%03d.png -s:v 1280x720 -c:v libx264 \ -profile:v high -crf 20 -pix_fmt yuv420p daimler_man.mp4 Tips: -qscale is a way to set quality, but -qscale alone is ambiguous. Use -qscale:v for video and -qscale:a for audio ...


There is an option, clearly mentioned in the documention: Subtitle Options: --write-sub Write subtitle file --write-auto-sub Write automatic subtitle file (YouTube only) --all-subs Download all the available subtitles of the video --list-subs List all available subtitles for ...


The ImageMagick convert program can split up animated GIFs. e.g. given the existence of a file 'foo.gif', I can run: convert foo.gif foo.png and it will create files foo-0.png, foo-1.png, etc, one for each frame. If you have more digits, then use the following syntax, for example with 4 digits: convert foo.gif foo%04d.png You could then use FFmpeg to ...


This extension worked for me: I am using it on


In the comments for this enhancement request there is a suggestion (comment 5 at 2012-03-13 15:57:41) to set media.webm.enabled, media.ogg.enabled and media.wave.enabled to false in order to "render <video> and '' elements unable to play anything." All these options are readily available if you enter about:config in the address box, and then enter ...


This could have to do with hardware acceleration. If you are using Flash: Right click on the video, go to Settings and in the first tab toggle the acceleration checkmark. Go to and enable HTML5. If you are using HTML5: Go to and disable HTML5. Right click on the Flash video, go to ...


I just accidentally found a lame and hacky but working way to solve the issue - plug the headphones halfway, instead of fully, to the port :)


Here's what worked: ffmpeg -i audio.mp3 -f image2 -loop 1 -i logo.jpg -r 15 -s 640x480 \ -c:v libx264 -crf 18 -tune stillimage -preset medium \ -shortest Specifically, the loop option, which will duplicate the image as frames. It will also then need the shortest option to keep the file from growing and growing (this way it truncates it to the ...


According to this Reddit response by Booor, this happens when somehow you get two flash players enabled at the same time. To fix it, simply disable one of them: Go to chrome://plugins Click on "+ Details" on the right top corner Find the flash player plugin and disable one of the DLLs The DLL to be disabled should be the one that's not on the Chrome's ...


Check if the latest version of Flash is properly installed on your browser. If not, download the latest version and install it. Then, install the YouTube Flash Player extension: This add-on forces YouTube to play videos using Flash Player instead of the HTML5 player.


A 360-degree video file seems to be a special type of MP4 file. I used a browser extension to download the YouTube video you mentioned. When viewed in "VLC media player" the entire 360-degree panorama is shown, rather than a specific view. The "Upload 360 degree videos - YouTube Help" article (link) describes how to upload 360 videos and lists some ...


I have had success with – it is free and online!


I use this Greasemonkey userscript.


The commonly accepted solution to this issue appears to be disabling hardware acceleration for Flash player. This is usually accomplished by right-clicking the Flash content, selecting Settings and then uncheck the Enable Hardware Acceleration option, but in the affected version of Flash player, it isn't possible to uncheck that particular option (clicking ...


Chrome - Settings - Advance Settings - Use hardware acceleration when available - deselect it. You may have to restart the browser.


The Mozilla support forum has an entry for this problem and it relates to the browser using hardware acceleration causing the problem. Source: Click the Firefox menu button Click Options Click Advanced Under General untick Use hardware acceleration when available If you disable hardware acceleration it ...


This is a focus issue....when you click on the flash player, focus is transferred from the browser window to the flash plugin. This is a page on IBM's website with describes a method of creating a firefox extension that prevents hotkeys from being captured by flash here Unfortunately, I'm unsure how effective this solution will be. I've seen on various ...


The easiest way to get the URL of the video to paste into VLC that I found was in Firefox. Go to the video using FF. Right click -> Page Info. Go to the Media tab and find the video URL. The type will be Video, and the URL should be Right click -> Copy the URL. Paste into VLC and off you go


install Youtube-dl and FFmpeg then use the following commandline Download the video youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 optionally use the -k flag to keep the video by default it deletes the video


I can't believe I figured out the problem after so many months and it was staring at me in the face all along. It was my wireless headphones. The Plantronics 995h apparently operates on the damn 2.4Ghz spectrum and so it must have been interefering with my wireless card. THAT'S why it was random and occuring even though my Wifi analyzer showed no other ...


Adblock Plus.


The Youtube Enhancer script adds controls that include a loop button. As can be seen in the picture you can not only loop the entire video, but easily loop an arbitrary section using the Begin and End buttons.


I'll add this as an answer because it turned out to be the cause: The problem is that since the first week of October 2013 YouTube freezes its playback after 1 to 1,5 minute. I found that the most likely cause of this freezing is Google's own Chrome Toolbox extension (it was for me). When disabling this extension the playback of YouTube continues as ...

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