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There is a very popular open source command-line downloader called youtube-dl, which does exactly that. It grabs the actual video and audio file links from a given YouTube link – or any other popular web video site like Vimeo, Yahoo! Video, uStream, etc. To see how that's done, look into the YouTube extractor. That's just too much to show here. Other ...


YouTube Bookmarklet This is how I did it with JavaScript Start with ytplayer.config.args object. This contains all URLs for the video. It is broken up into url_encoded_fmt_stream_map // traditional: contains video and audio stream adaptive_fmts // DASH: contains video or audio stream Each of these is a comma separated array of what I would ...


Right click on sound volume in taskbar, playback devices. Right click on active audio device. Properties -> Levels Balance, set left / right till it sounds ok. Remember to reset after the one video, or you'll then be deaf in that ear.


According to this Reddit response by Booor, this happens when somehow you get two flash players enabled at the same time. To fix it, simply disable one of them: Go to chrome://plugins Click on "+ Details" on the right top corner Find the flash player plugin and disable one of the DLLs The DLL to be disabled should be the one that's not on the Chrome's ...


Somebody is inferring with your SSL connection. This might be: Doing SSL interception for security reasons. This is often done in companies. You are behind some capture portal, which intercepts connections for unauthorized users to ask them to login or accept the side policy or similar things. Somebody is trying a man-in-the-middle attack. This might also ...


It appears you got infected with some sort of browser hijacker I suggest you to download and scan your pc with malware bytes


Had the same SSL/HSTS problem on all computers and phones connected to WiFi today. after checking the computer date and resetting the modem and router, I contacted Suddenlink and found out we had exceeded the monthly usage allowance of 250G. We started using Chromecast a little over a month ago, so I'm betting that's the issue. The CSR gave me this link: ...

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