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I ran into this today and found a workaround. When a video does not a play click the 'next' button (between play and volume) and the next video works. Let it play for 3-4 seconds then go back in the browser then the previous video that was not working earlier will also start working. I'm not on a corporate network and this happened on my home PC.


That error is letting you know that the machine you are connecting to isn't actually, but rather someone pretending to be. Sometimes this is an indication of a major issue, where an attacker is trying to steal your passwords (for example). However, commonly it's the result of a well-meaning network configuration, like a guest wireless network ...


Things to check: Make sure IE saves cookies for Youtube, Google and Google Accounts Make sure your main Google Account is the one you use for YouTube Red by selecting it in the dropdown menu to choose the right account from a YouTube page.


The easiest way to view YouTube videos from oldest to newest is to actually sort the videos from oldest to newest in the drop-down menu at the upper-right corner of where your videos are appearing.


I recommend an iphone / ipad app that can play YouTube via Sonos: SonosTube. It is the only app in Apple App Store to play YouTube via Sonos. SonosTube can play video on your iPhone / iPad, meanwhile, play audio on your Sonos speakers.


Time extension feature was (re)added in Windows 10 November 2015 update. Installing the november update If the PC has internet connection, the update should have downloaded and installed itself long ago. To check, press the 'start' button, type winver, and press Enter. OS build should be listed as 10586.3 or higher. If you do not have the update, check ...

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