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You can't do this. Your isp knows that youtube's ip address is a certain value and that you are trying to request content from it. You can't doublespeak and say I want information from youtube and another page at the same time, and there is no way to route information through youtube. Sorry.


file2hd.com (tick the T&C and select movies) en.savefrom.net (similar to keepvid, doesn't require java) insert magic between the you and tube, eg. www.youmagictube.com/watch?v=Y2Vc4ruT9ys) the magic one is relatively new, but I prefer the savefrom and file2hd if keepvid doesn't work.


First make sure that the video author is fine with this. Copyright infringement isn't endorsed by us, and depending on your country you may get to pay a fine for using things without the consent of the copyright holders of the work. For an online solution, try Dirpy (use the "record video" option instead of the fake download buttons). You can also install ...


I assume that by "kills the internet connection" you actually mean still works but unbearably slow (correct me if I'm wrong). What you're experiencing is not unusual on connections where upload bandwidth is restricted (ADSL/VDSL connections immediately come to mind). It's also not unusual for some ISPs to provide rubbish upload bandwidth but excellent ...


I have the same Problem when Uploading files to uploaded.to. I am using a Fritzbox 6360 from a German Cable ISP. I have a public IPv4 and IPv6 Address on my modem. Because I don't want to disable IPv6 I found out that when throttling the upload bandwidth a bit (i did 5%) the upload worked out fine. But this is rather a workaround than a permanent ...


I am not sure why the back-slashes are causing the effects you report, but they are easily avoided by using forward-slashes: Windows file-systems don't care which you use. However, as I read the youtube-dl documentation, you need to include a file mask as well as the directory in the output specification, so the entry should be: -c -v -o ...


I took the liberty of using your ffmpeg command and this is what I got: yt "My Youtube File.mp4" A file yt.bat placed in system32 containing: @echo off ffmpeg -i %1 -vn -c:a copy _%1 rm %1 mv _%1 "%~n1.m4a" *renames automatically to m4a, which can be changed in the code. **it needs to be through temp file and then using rm, mv, otherwise the file and ...

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