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There are methods for multicast routing, yes. The currently preferred protocol is PIM, which replaces the older DVMRP. It's even supported on various academic networks like GÉANT. (For example, here's an article about multicast across the CUDN.) (I haven't tried either myself; the routers on networks I manage lack support.) Alternatively, there is IGMP ...


Call your .local domain once in Chrome prepending it with http:// (e.g.: http://mywebsite.local ). The http:// scheme will avoid the Google search and instead will call your local website. You only need to do this once. From this moment on you can enter the domain without http:// and it will still be loaded locally (e.g.: mywebsite.local ).


Ok, before this gets closed, I'll give you my thoughts on the matter. I believe that ISPs already implement everything in the IETFs zero-conf specification, using traditional DHCP and DNS. In the worst case (a completely unmanaged network) AVAHI is often sufficient. The thing you seem to want, is service discovery, which is quite possible, but what you are ...

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