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mdadm / lvm / dm-crypt is probably your best bet - and its not that complex at all - you just handle each layer appropriately - or, depending on your needs, mdadm /dm-crypt/lvm (if you want all the LV's to share a single device with 1 passphrase) You are right not to use encfs - its insecure.


Since this question has not gotten much attention, and it doesn't seem to be as much of an issue anymore, I am going to try and answer it myself from what I have found via trial and error. Rather than offering a bounty on this, I seem to have come up with a working solution, but if anyone can offer a better answer than this, I will gladly choose their ...


At least ZFS On Linux, which given the tags on the question is probably what you are referring to, does not support your proposed usage at present. As I have discussed elsewhere, ZFS does not support removing constituent devices from a striped set. The pool itself is a striped set of one or more vdevs, where the vdevs may be single device, mirror sets or ...

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