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I doubt that the different schemes would make a lot of difference to be honest since the compression algorithms typically only look forward a limited amount in order to control memory use. The exception is S3 which would end up larger most likely since compressing a compressed file adds overheads but cannot compress. If you want better compression, look ...


Instead of -x "Icon" use -x "*Icon*"


Try this: @ECHO OFF SET var1=%1 SET var2=%2 E:\Erp\7z.exe u -tzip E:\Erp\Test1.zip %var1% copy /b %var2%\test1.zip E:\Erp\Final_output.zip


So you are accessing the remote server shares via standard windows sharing (doesn't matter if it is over LAN or VPN). Windows threats it as another local disk. Everything you do with files stored there is done by the CPU on your PC. So the unzipping will be done on your CPU. If you have enough RAM, it won't download the zip file from remote server again as ...

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