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The checksum is a hash of all the bits contained in the file. Windows and Linux/UNIX use different file endings, so creating a checksum on each OS with the same tool will always produce a different checksum, unless you specifically change the line ending. To check if you have the same compression ratio, look at the file size. The might be very slightly ...


Compress and copy to destination folder Use the following command: 7z a C:\DestinationFolder\file.7z c:\file.mdb Notes: a is add See link below for the full manual for the command line version of 7z. Further reading Command Line Version User's Guide


7-zip GUI version: extract mimetype from EPUB file delete mimetype in EPUB file rename mimetype to !mimetype add !mimetype to EPUB file rename !mimetype to mimetype inside EPUB file 7-zip simple drag and drop version: Go to 7-zip download page and download 7-Zip Extra: standalone console version, 7z DLL, Plugin for Far Manager (doesn't work with stable ...


Open your external drive and you will see one folder named "SEERemovableStorageAcessUtility.exe" . Double click on the same folder. A new window will open and you can see the folder you want to download to your new PC. Right click on the same and you get an option to decrypt the same as your desired location. It will ask for the password which will be the ...

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