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I was in the same situation when backing up a 12GB directory. I fixed it by using the ditto command which was readily available with the OS X Yosemite installation: ditto -x -k file.zip dst-directory -x to extract an archive -k Specifies it to be a PKZip archive instead of the default CPIO


In general, no. You'll need file-system access on the server itself and/or to the audit logs on the server (assuming auditing was set up) to get this information.


I managed to overcome this problem using below command >cd myfolder >zip -r name.zip .


The penny dropped. It should be: _now=$(date +"%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S") pushd /Users/me/Dropbox zip -r /Users/me/Documents/local-backups/writing/writing-bak-$_now.zip ./writing/ popd

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