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The answer depends on how you start Cygwin. If you run Cygwin.bat, modify the last line of /Cygwin.bat (usually C:\cygwin\ or C:\cygwin64\). If you use mintty, then add the shell as a parameter. mintty /usr/bin/zsh -


Yes, history-search-backward looks only for lines beginning with the first word of the current command line. This is neither a shortcoming nor a bug, but intentional. For your use-case you want to use the widget history-beginning-search-backward instead. This searches the history based on everything from the beginning up to the cursor position. (This is the ...


In the comment you confirm that a command line like tools/uploader.py --port=/dev/tty.usbmodem2 --port=/dev/tty.usbmodem3 Images/image.file is working. To write a more general answer I melt it down to echo foo --bar=file2 --bar=file3 ... which everybody can test with copy & paste. So, I have two zsh'ish approaches in mind. Use the construction ...


To count no matches correctly: a=( */.(cpp|h)(.N) ); print $#a To avoid leaking the variable: local -a a; a=( */.(cpp|h)(.N) ); print $#a

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