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tmux display-message -p -F "#{pane_current_path}" -t0


With zsh you should edit ~/.zshrc (create it if it doesn't exist -> example template https://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh/blob/master/templates/zshrc.zsh-template) so: nano ~/.zshrc and add the alias you want, e.g. alias my_project_runserver='cd my_project_path; . venv/bin/activate; ./manage.py runserver' Using the alias above I go to my ...


In recent versions of gnome-terminal, you can use the following escape sequences to change the cursor: \e[ q: reset to whatever's defined in the profile settings \e[1 q: blinking block \e[2 q: steady block \e[3 q: blinking underline \e[4 q: steady underline \e[5 q: blinking I-beam \e[6 q: steady I-beam You can print these by e.g. echo -ne '\e[5 q'. Hook ...


I suppose the expansion of .... to ../../.. happens on-the-fly, so you have a special key binding for .. So have I, which was inspired by Jérémie Roquet's post on the zsh users mailing list. I extended this function, called magic-dot to display the path, which will be referred to in the mini buffer, i.e. below the command line: user@linux:~/foo> ls ...

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